Nobody's Fool - a celebration of Canadian Clowning

Anne Nothof annen at CS.ATHABASCAU.CA
Tue Sep 2 16:11:44 EDT 1997

This conference will examine the roots of clowning in community and
culture, explore the healing power of humour, encourage clowning as a tool
in education and celebrate the skill of Canada's comedic artists.

Dates: Oct 2-5, 1997
Place: Gas Station Theatre
       445 River Ave.
       Winnipeg MB
Information: (204) 786-1499
     Fax:    (204) 786-5644
     e-mail clown at
Fees: (before Sept 12)
      The works - $175 + GST
      Per day - $60 + GST

Participants include:
Dianne Baker
Jackie Bear and Sharon Shorty
Paul Cerilli
Clown Club
Bossy Ducharme
Robin Faye
Camilla Gryske "Posie"
Paul Hooson
David Langdon
Paul Langel
Cynthia Menzies
Barb Nolan
Sue Proctor
Karen Ridd
Neal Rempel
Al Simmons
Patti Sutherland
David Zinger

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